Council Corner

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Council Corner

Being on council as church treasurer has been a privilege. I have been able to learn the “workings” of the church from a different perspective. I was baptized a Roman Catholic, attended religious instruction, and made my first communion and confirmation as a Catholic. When Glen & I were dating, I attended services at St. John’s every so often. He was lifelong member. I found services to be different in a good way from the Catholic masses I grew up with. Somehow the services had more meaning to me. So, when we got engaged, it made sense to become a member of St. John’s.


It seems that from there I wanted to find ways to get involved in things at St. John’s. Glen had been part of the church in many ways over the years and I wanted to find out how I fit in. I most certainly did not have the impressive singing voice he did to be part of choir, so I decided to try teaching Sunday school. I really enjoyed working with the children and believe it helped me grow in my faith as I was teaching them about Jesus.


It seems as I got involved in one thing at St. John’s, I wanted to do more. As my faith was growing, I wanted to give back in service. I firmly believe that as someone feels comfortable worshipping and gets fed by the holy spirit, they want to share that faith and give it back. My next involvement was to be a part of the Altar Guild. This was yet another way to learn more about the church from a unique perspective, preparing the church for services, and of course my faith continued to grow.


At some point along the way, I was asked if I would be interested in church treasurer, and thought this was yet another way to serve, and I said yes. It opened more doors as to how things are done in the church.


As I continued my involvement in serving, I was asked if I would be willing to serve as a deacon. Glen had been a deacon for many years, and I thought it might be something I wanted to try. It turns out, with some practice before service (Glen always helped me with the challenging words), I really enjoyed being part of worship service, and felt I was being spiritually fed as well. With some additional training, I was able to lead services, including proclaiming God’s word. So fulfilling!!


All this involvement and growing faith came into play in August 2018 when I was diagnosed with cancer. With Glen (my rock/ best friend), my family, my faith, and my church family support, we were able to survive surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation to fight the cancer. In April 2019 we found out I was cancer free and as of today, 3 years & 5 months later, I am still blessed!!


We do not know where our journey will lead us in life, personally or as a church; however, we do know that God will be with us each step of the way. Each of us are part of St. John’s, and together the possibilities are endless and we can overcome any obstacles in our path. Let us see where God will lead us, it will be awesome!



Kathy Snyder

Church Treasurer

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